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When doing thesis

At home, suddenly I want to:
– sit around my mom and sister watching sinetron
– watch korean films with my sister, that I’ve download from rileks
– play some casual games with my brother
– watch O-Channel or JakTV
– search for foods in the kitchen again and again
– sleep on softer and bigger bed (than my bed at Bandung), hmmmm
Then I realized that this is not holiday, I should go back to Bandung to do my thesis.

At board, suddenly I want to:
– clean my room
– *scratching the head* take a creambath
– wash some bags
– chat with friends
Then the night came and carried me to dream. I thought I just should do this thesis at campus.

At campus, suddenly I want to:
– check emails
– see exhibition of art ITB students
– read rileks forum
– chat with some friends
– blog
And oh no, the day ended and I went home without any progress in my thesis report.

So tomorrow, where should I go for doing thesis??

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