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Last Day Trip

May 4th, 2009

This is the last day of our trip, and we make it relax after several tiring days back then. We woke up late and looked around Mong Kok for shopping and searching gifts. Not like Singapore, Hong Kong shopping centers are closed quite late at night, streets are still crowded on 11 pm. But then they’re opened late too in the morning around 11 am.

At 12.30 pm noon, we got ready for checking out hostel and went to Hong Kong Ferry Terminal to catch Turbo Jet ferry on 2 PM. When we bought tickets from Macau to Hong Kong with Visa card promotion, we also had to buy return tickets with fixed departure time. We decided to go there by taxi, because it is not that expensive actually where HK taxi can be filled up to 5 persons.

Arrived in Macau at 3 PM, we went to Airport to deposit our luggage (1 for MOP 15) because our flight was still 4 hours later. We planned to go to Senado Square again to buy some gifts, and had a little time to visit Macau Fisherman’s Wharf. It is the first theme park in Macau, located near Macau Ferry Terminal. There are restaurants, hotels, karaoke places, shops, and casinos themed in coastal towns like Miami, Cape Town, New Orleans, Amsterdam, Venice, Spain, Portugal and the Italian Riviera. There are also some attractions in Roman, Chinese and Arabic style. But unfortunately I didn’t have enought time to observe all. Maybe next time 😉

Bye Macau-HK. Back to Singapore.

(*)Courtesy to Arie for the pictures. Click the images for bigger view.

2 thoughts on “Last Day Trip”

  1. welcome back to s'pore! eh rik kalo ada info job disana mau donk, tapi nantilah insyalah taon depan gue baru slesai kuliahnya.

    gak trtarik follow blog gue? maklum masih baru.. hehe.

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