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My Favorite Korean Food: Dak Galbi (Part 2)

Remember my recent post about a new Dakgalbi restaurant opened in Jakarta? Apparently, there was a newer Dakgalbi restaurant in town. Seigo Dakgalbi, was just opened one month ago in Tebet Green mall.

Inside the restaurant

Not like Yoogane which is a chain restaurant originally from South Korea and focusing only in Dakgalbi, Seigo Dakgalbi is a general Korean restaurant that only exists in Indonesia and offers a lot of varieties of Korean foods. Not only Dakgalbi, they also have famous Korean foods like Bibimbap, Sundubu Jjigae, Bulgogi and famous street snacks like Kimbab, Tteokbokki, Odeng, and Twikim.

They have 3 kinds of Dakgalbi:
1. Original with a lot of chicken (IDR 53,545 for regular and IDR 72,114 for large)
2. Seafood with additional seafood (IDR 68,227 for regular and IDR 101,477 for large)
3. Veggie with a lot of vegetables (IDR 50,091 for regular and IDR 67,795 for large)

With choice of toppings:
1. White rice
2. Fried rice (white rice with Korean sauce Gochujang)
3. Noodle
4. Cheese Mozarella

Tteok was only served in Veggie Dakgalbi, so in the name of Tteok I wanted to order Veggie Dakgalbi, but unfortunately they didn’t have stock of Tteok that day. So I ordered Ori Dakgalbi regular with additional noodle and cheese. For two people, the regular portion was big enough. We couldn’t finish it maybe because we ordered Odeng as well. One portion of Odeng had 3 sticks of thick fish cake that came with salty soup.

I think the sauce put on my Dakgalbi dish was too much therefore it became too spicy and too flabby. Adding white rice would save it, but I think a good Dakgalbi dish should be nice to eat even without white rice. In other note, I like the Odeng soup.

Final Dakgalbi

Anyways, more and more Korean foods choices in Jakarta, yay!

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