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Smash by Martin Solveig

Martin Solveig is a DJ who, despite his weak tennis level and early Woody Allen style, is irresistibly ascending the contemporary music chart, knowing however that he will never become the Mick Jagger of the DJ world, but more a sort of hairless King Kong who wants to feel free to buy a baguette in a boulangerie, driven by his naive quest of the one true love that would bring him out of his shell, instead of simply enjoying the multiple sexual opportunities of a successful show business career.

You have to watch these great videos, especially the second one which shows Marina Bay Sands, Mambo Jambo and the night view of Singapore! This SMASH album would be released this June.


Big in Japan

Ready to Go

[Update: April 12th, 2012]

Martin Solveig just released the 4th episode of SMASH! The story is still about SHE, the girl he loved. He and his managuuuh tried to set up a romantic show “The Night Out” to be watched only by Martin and SHE, but his managuh ruined it haha. In the end, Martin and SHE spent the night out by going around Paris with his motorcycle, going to Montmarte, and taking cruise in Seine River.

The Night Out

Among these 4 episodes, my favorite is still the second one showing Initials S.H.E on Marina Bay Sands Singapore, but the second favorite is this new episode. All dialogues in this video are absurd, and Lafaille the managuh is still wicked. I personally like the old lady in cinema who mistaken Martin with David Guetta. Through this video, we can also see the beautiful Paris with its Eiffel and Sacre Cour. I am not really into France, but seeing this video really brought back memories of going there last year.

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