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Here They Were

It is kinda related to the previous post, now I am talking about some tourist spots in Singapore I went when my family (finally) visited me on last end-year holiday.

1st Day
We’re walking around Sentosa and Vivo City. Vivo City is a mall near harbor where the terminal going to Batam and train station to Sentosa. Other public transportation to go there are by bus (whose terminal is not too far away from Vivo City) and Cable Car which is closed right now since months ago until I don’t know when. Taking Sentosa Express train cost S$3, you can purchase the ticket there in machines in front of the gate, or use your EZ Link card. There are another ticket counters near the gate, for purchasing any PACKAGE TICKET (they have some choices of attractions package) or SONGS OF THE SEA TICKET. We made a mistake at that time, by queuing that long line while actually we didn’t want to buy package tickets. We only wanted to buy tickets of 2 attractions. So when we’ve finally reached in front of the cashier, they said we could not buy there and should go on the spot instead. What the eff!

2nd Day
We’re going around Orchard (my favorite place in Singapore, don’t ask), then headed to Mustafa for a while because Mom and Dad wanted to buy some perfumes. It is a 24 hours shopping center in Little India that sells everything and (people said) cheaper. In the evening we took river cruise to sail us along Singapore River from Clarke Quay to Marina Bay.

3rd Day

I was working, yes sadly. So on my lunch break time, I picked them up to go to Singapore Botanical Garden. They’re walking inside there (one of the the places where your eyes can be free from seeing high buildings in this city) while I was back to work, and after I finished working we’re going to Suntec City to see Fountain of Wealth.
4th Day
We went to Bugis Street, the largest street shopping location in Singapore where you could find cheap clothes, bags, and souvenirs. Near Bugis, we visited Kampong Glam area: Arab Street, Sultan Mosque, and Malay Heritage Site, where Sultan palace was located before English colonial came to Singapore (I’m not too good in Singapore history, CMIIW). Then in the evening we shopped in IKEA Queenstown.

5th Day
While I was working (again), the family visited Science Center (which I’ve already visited 3 times, as an Engineer I love that place), then at night we went to Orchard and ate my most favorite Indonesian food in Singapore: Ayam Penyet Ria.

6th Day
We’re going to Jurong Bird Park, and then had New Year countdown in Marina Bay.

7 thoughts on “Here They Were”

  1. sounds like a lot of things can be done in such a small place. sometimes, we always underestimate tourist attractions in our own hometown. perhaps i should do that when i go home – act like as if i'm a tourist! ahaha.

    anyways, my sister LOVES ayam penyet so much. i've tried it a few times, kinda loving it too. now i'm hungry =S

  2. awww man… sounds like a lovely adventure! i've always wanted to go to singapore! i heard it's really clean there and that you can't chew gum? is that right!?

    oh boy!

    thank you for the comment! i will have fun eating! i mean… hhahaha babysitting ;]

  3. When my mom came to SG few months ago we went to almost exact same places! 😀 I think Botanic Gardens were her fav =]

    Hope your parents enjoy their trip to SG =D

  4. hi! nice to meet u!:)
    oh! miss Singapore so much! have u been Clarke Quay? i went to singapore last year, when Chines NEw Year, ugh! everything were Closed that time! hiks 🙁 even, takashimaya closed too! huuuu T.T

  5. @Ejanz
    The unique part of Ayam Penyet (smashed chicken) is the chili sauce! It is fcuking spicy in Ayam Penyet Ria, you should try it when you visit here 😉

    Yes you can hardly find chew gum here. They're not selling it here, but my friends like to bring in from China or Indonesia 😀

    LOL I bet Singaporeans don't like to visit Mustafa. Hey, we really should meet and shop around together!

    Thanks! I think they enjoy it a lot 🙂 I hope they'll visit me again

    Helloooow, thanks for visiting my blog. Indeed Singapore is like a death city in CNY. Last CNY I wasn't here, and I've had plan to go oversea on this CNY as well.

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