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Review: Hotel and Banquet Panorama Lembang

This time I went to Lembang not only with my two best traveling buddies (Husband and Daughter) but also with my Mom and my Sister. For the accommodation, I wanted one villa/cottage that has 2 separate rooms. I found this Hotel and Banquet Panorama which was not far from the venue of my friend’s wedding (which was the main reason we went to Lembang).

I booked the hotel via Traveloka around 10 days before the stay. I got price around Rp.940,000 for 1 night in a cottage with 2 bedrooms. When we arrived, we saw many buses parking in its large parking lot. I read in internet reviews that this hotel was indeed used commonly by big group like employee gathering or conference. The lobby is decorated with traditional ornaments with a little bit Balinese and Javanese style. Upon check-in, we received welcome drinks. At first they said the drinks must be consumed in the lobby. We waited a little bit but since we were already too tired we just left it and went to our cottage. Surprisingly not long after, they brought the drinks to our cottage hehe.

Cottages around shady green trees

The cottage is surrounded by big trees and many plants, very relaxing. There are 2 terraces: in front and in the back. We got a cottage near hotel fences. Since this hotel located on the main big road of Lembang – Tangkuban Perahu, it got very noisy with the vehicles sound passing by. Even at night, when all windows and doors were already closed, the sound was still coming in.

Inside the cottage, there are 2 bedrooms, 1 shared bathroom, and living room equipped with TV, sofas, dining table and water dispenser. There is no air conditioner because the weather is already cold enough that I needed to wear jacket (plus blanket) when sleeping. Water dispenser wa s not included hot water so they provided a thermos filled with hot water everyday or when requested. Heater water in shower room was working but it got cold for few minutes before it heated again.

Living room
One of bedrooms
The next morning we spent a long relaxing time in the hotel. We sat in our terrace while snacking and sipping coffee. Then we walked around the hotel complex and took our daughter to play in the children playground. The playground only consist of 3 basic S: Slide, Seesaw and Swings; but those are good enough to entertain our kid. While the kid playing, parents can watch them while enjoying the green refreshing panorama of surroundings. Maybe that’s where its name comes from.
Kids playground

After that we went to the restaurant for breakfast. The foods were not so special, but the succulents were the main attraction for us. What, cactus for breakfast?! Hehe they put many cute succulents in each cute pots for sale in a showcase in one side of restaurant. That is a brilliant idea, not only the plants become a nice decoration for the restaurant, but they attract visitors who are eating in the restaurants to buy them. Like me and my Mom! I bought 2 pots and Moms bought 5 pots haha. How could we resist those adorable succulents? Near the restaurant, there is also 2 swimming pools: large one for adults and small one for kid. Unfortunately the water was freezing and not so clean. My kid could only dipped her feet, not her whole body.

Succulents shopping in hotel restaurant
After breakfast, we went back to our cottage to take shower and get ready to check out. By the time we went out of the hotel, it was already 10.30am. We surely had a good time staying there. I think the hotel service and facility was great, despite of some improvements that I think they need to adjust, such as water heater in bathroom, noise from the road (maybe add soundproof wall?), and the cleanliness of its swimming pools. Overall, it was a nice stay and we might stay there again when we go to Lembang again with big family.
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