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The Lost Wanderer Itinerary Series: Busan

Busan may not be as favorite as Seoul and Jeju, but it can be an alternative to explore as the largest port city in South Korea. Except than the beach and port, the city itself almost resembles Seoul (maybe in few years back :p). How lovely the life of Busan people, they are living in a big city with many good facilities, yet they can easily reach beautiful beaches within the city.
Another reason to travel to Busan especially for South East Asians, there is flight AirAsia from KL to Busan which usually cheaper than KL to Seoul, vice versa. Some travelers opt to travel to Busan first then take the local transportation to the other part of South Korea.
For you who wants to travel to Busan and needs some ideas where and how to go around or just wants to read my story (hehe :p), you can download and read my second itinerary series ebook for free in this link (please open it using browser, not Scribd mobile app, because it does not work in the mobile app, I don’t know why). 
In this ebook, I share the story of my trip to Busan almost 6 years ago. Long time ago, but the information is still valid. It was a short trip though, only 2 days 1 night, not as long as my first ebook (Gyeongju), but hopefully it would be much useful. If you also read my Gyeongju ebook, you can see that the book format is the same. This is the format I will always use in what I called as The Lost Wanderer Itinerary Series (TLWIS).
Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it, even though it took me more than a year to write haha. Off I go now to write the next one. Hmmm maybe after cuddling my daughter first… and finish that book on the shelf… and…. well, see ya! 🙂

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